WooCommerce + Square: More Services for CBD Merchants

Hemp-based CBD is becoming more and more lucrative industry all over the world. Moreover, the

Hemp-based CBD is becoming more and more lucrative industry all over the world. Moreover, the market is forecast to significantly grow in the years to come. WooCommerce has recently partnered with Square. Are you a CBD merchant searching for a reliable and cheap instant approval merchant account no credit check? No need to worry. Just read the lines below.


WooCommerce + Square: Instant Approval Merchant Account No Credit Check

The global CBD (cannabidiol) market is projected to grow quite rapidly during 2020 – 2026. The open-source eCommerce platform WooCommerce has entered into a partnership with Square. Their cooperation aims to offer a larger variety of services to merchants engaged in the online CBD market.


The cooperation will allow US merchants to also use other Automattic services, including Jetpack, backup and scan malware. Automattic is the company that’s developed WooCommerce and also supports it. WooCommerce Shipping will allow for printing labels, and WooCommerce Tax will enable merchants to automatically calculate sales tax at checkout.


If you’re on the lookout for secure and low-cost merchant services for your CBD business in the UK, just apply to a trustworthy payments-comparison specialist. With a true merchant-services comparison expert that’s focused on terms, complaints, and integration, you can get the most reliable review of processors at the time of writing. This is how you can be sure to find an instant approval merchant account no credit check for your high-risk business.


CBD Market in the UK

The market is anticipated to be just short of £1B in 2025. Based on market research commissioned by the CMC, the UK CBD market is currently among the most rapidly-growing wellbeing-product categories in the country.


In fact, the CBD industry in the UK is among the largest ones in Europe. CBD is now mainstream in the UK. According to 2 recent surveys conducted in 2019, between 8-11% of UK adults, which makes up about 4-6 million people, have tried CBD.


So, to say CBD market growth is vivid would be a gross understatement. Beyond any doubt, the industry is among the most lucrative markets around the globe, with an enormous potential for growth. Now, WooCommerce has decided to start a partnership with Square to further expand services for CBD merchants.


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