As the jobs recovery slows, moms, African-Americans and government workers are falling behind

Among the report’s scariest signs? The share of Americans working or looking for work, known as the labor-force participation rate, declined among prime working ages (25-54) in September.

The drop was driven by plunging participation rates among women, just as the school year went into full swing in much of the country.

Of the nearly 1.1 million people who stopped working, or looking for work, in September, almost 80 percent were women. Many economists say it’s a clear sign of the child-care burden falling mainly on working mothers.

Mothers like April Smith are facing impossible decisions, as they must choose

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Judge upholds R.I. campaign finance law; conservative groups appeal – News –

A federal judge has rejected a bid to invalidate a chunk of Rhode Island’s campaign finance laws, but conservative groups seeking to launch anonymous political campaigns have filed an appeal.

U.S. District Court Judge Mary McElroy at the end of August dismissed a lawsuit against the state Board of Elections by Rhode Island’s Gaspee Project and conservative Chicago nonprofit the Illinois Opportunity Project, which argued the state’s disclosure laws for independent campaign expenditures are unconstitutional.

Under Rhode Island law, any person or organization spending $1,000 or more to benefit a candidate or an outcome in a ballot referendum must disclose

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9 Things You Didn’t Know Car Insurance Covers

Just as your homeowners insurance may cover unexpected costs, so too your car insurance could have hidden benefits.

a woman sitting in a car talking on a cell phone

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From pesky rodents to falling branches, auto insurance can pay claims for surprising reasons.


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Of course, policy details vary by insurer, and you’ll need comprehensive coverage to get most of these benefits. However, here is a look at some surprising losses your car insurance may cover.

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1. Volcanic eruptions

When the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii erupted in 2018, it

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