Four Strengths Of Superhuman Entrepreneurs

A startup growth advisor and Founder of Startup Growth Mode who has consulted for more than 200 high-growth companies.

Entrepreneurs find success from major factors, including their decisions and motivation. I’ve seen many entrepreneurs excel at what they do, but when it comes to some of their actions, they don’t always make the best decisions. Entrepreneurs also have different motivations. Some are money-driven, while others are mission-driven. There is one characteristic that can influence both decisions and motivation while pushing you to success: strength. It takes a lot of strength to become an entrepreneur and pursue your passion. There

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MachEye raises $4.6M for its business intelligence platform

We’ve seen our fair share of business intelligence (BI) platforms that aim to make data analysis accessible to everybody in a company. Most of them are still fairly complicated, no matter what their marketing copy says. MachEye, which is launching its AI-powered BI platform today, is offering a new twist on this genre. In addition to its official launch, the company also today announced a previously unreported $4.6 seed funding round led by Canaan Partners with participation from WestWave Capital.

MachEye is not just what its founder and CEO Ramesh Panuganty calls a “low-prep, no-prep” BI platform, but it uses

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