Customized Online Business Printing & Design

Trent Stonge

When asked about their expectation of remaining in business in December 2020, businesses responded equally. Before being told about the loans, the companies thought that they had a 62 to 63% chance of being open in December 2020. The chance rose to 81% amongst those who were informed about the […]

Law In Action

Trent Stonge

With many years of expertise in integrating concept and follow, Northeastern is the unparalleled leader in offering students with practical authorized training. offers access to exceptional assets, authorized databases, and analysis help from expert and knowledgeable law librarians and professors. Detroit Mercy Law has created a COVID-19 Law Student Emergency […]

Timothy Dale Munro

Trent Stonge co-founder and CEO Marc Lore stayed on to run along with Walmart’s present U.S. e-commerce operation. The acquisition was structured as a payout of $three billion in cash, and an extra $300 million in Walmart inventory vested over time as part of an incentive bonus plan for […]

What Are the Best Things to Know About Safe Harbor 401K?

Trent Stonge

An issue that goes hand in hand with the topic of 401Ks is fairness. In order to ensure that your company isn’t prioritizing benefits for HCEs (highly compensated employees) and discriminating against lower income employees, the IRS conducts annual compliance tests. This process consists of three tests: The ADP Test […]

The Future of Contactless Payments

Trent Stonge

What is a contactless payment? A contactless payment means paying for products or services by tapping or waving a contactless device such as a card or smartphone over a reader. With a contactless credit card, you hold the card near a payment terminal (known as an RFID reader) and it […]