KipuHealth Integrates Powerful Business Intelligence to Drive its EMR Platform

KipuBI aggregates data and instantly delivers visually intuitive and accurate metrics in easy to understand dashboards. Tweet this Previously, these important metrics were difficult to identify and aggregate, requiring a skilled business analyst to extract data from multiple spreadsheets or database programs, then create charts and graphs to communicate and […]

Previously, these important metrics were difficult to identify and aggregate, requiring a skilled business analyst to extract data from multiple spreadsheets or database programs, then create charts and graphs to communicate and analyze the information. With KipuBI, that time-consuming task is eliminated and replaced with a modern, easy-to-navigate series of actionable reports. With just a few clicks, relevant, timely information regarding call center volume, pre-admission activities, referral analysis, marketing campaign effectivity, admission and census trends, patient demographics, occupancy levels, outcomes measurement, laboratory tests/results, billing and payor reimbursement, and much more can be displayed and/or exported quickly to CSV, PDF, Excel or image files for immediate evaluation or remedial action.

“The KipuEMR captures and stores a huge amount of critical information. We wanted to create an easier – and faster – means of aggregating, organizing and making that data available and understandable — so staff at all levels can make better decisions, clinically and financially,’ said Michael Delgado, Kipu’s Chief Information Officer. “Working closely with our 1,800 client-partners, we came to understand the scope and scale of their informational needs. Our development roadmap was based on these specialized requirements, and we’re very excited that we have been able to meet those needs, with particular emphasis on ease of use and speed.  We will continue to improve the KipuBI platform to enhance this groundbreaking technology, enabling facilities to learn more about their businesses and to move forward in today’s challenging, ever-changing environment.”

Mr. Delgado brings over two decades of Fortune 500 experience in information technology, data architecture and machine learning to Kipu, along with a long list of accomplishments within the consumer electronics and premium cruise line industries. “We’ve assembled a world-class team of talented and seasoned BI specialists to fast-track this project in a highly agile environment, using a unique set of modern development tools,” said Delgado, “We began work in 2018 and today – in record time — our Business Intelligence technology has been tested, proven and is currently changing the landscape for the behavioral health industry. Kipu clients worldwide are now taking advantage of the ability to make informed clinical and financial decisions using our BI technology. 

Answers to the most complex questions can be buried in an ocean of data – our BI engine can find them in seconds, rather than hours or days. To achieve this speed and accuracy, we employ a high-performance analytics database, known as Elastic Cubes. This advanced, highly scalable analytical technology boosts native support for a wide range of disparate data sources, while providing extreme ease of operation and unmatched performance.”

Early adopters of the KipuBI technological tools have reported that they’ve significantly streamlined their decision-making process for both their patients and their bottom line. “We’ve been using KipuBI since August, and the experience has been game changing,” said Karem Garcia, Clinical Quality Director at Crossroads, Inc.  “What used to take us hours to compile and interpret is now at our fingertips.  This has opened our eyes to so many new opportunities for our centers. The user interface was so easy-to-learn and the data was also easy-to-access. We forgot what life was like before it.”

“Of course, data security is of the utmost importance,’ said Jeffrey Fiorentino, KipuHealth’s CEO, “Unlike other systems, all information within the KipuEMR and used within the Business Intelligence system is housed in redundant server arrays that are never shared between clients. This strategy eliminates the possibility of data exposure and compromise. This, along with regularly scheduled penetration testing by the industry’s top data security experts, exceeds HIPAA, regulatory and compliance requirements, affording our clients the highest level of data protection possible.”

About KipuHealth 

KipuHealth is the leading enterprise software provider serving the substance use, mental health, and eating disorder communities with its suite of cloud-based products. The KipuEMR, a fully configurable electronic health record and integrated billing platform designed for — and within — the treatment community, is the largest and most widely implemented EMR solution for treatment, used daily by more than 80,000 users at more than 1,800 facilities worldwide. The KipuCRM is a companion platform that manages the entire patient life cycle from the very first call through admission, integrating call center, referral, and marketing campaign management. To read the latest news on Kipu, please visit and connect with us on: Facebook  | Twitter  | LinkedIn  | Read our CEO Blog

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