The Best Gold Investing Strategies You Should Consider

Trent Stonge

It is vital to remember that gold has been the world’s currency from ancient civilization to the modern era. Nowadays, people choose this investment to hedge against inflation and political unrest. Apart from that, you can diversify the portfolio by changing the investment types. Therefore, you should think about commodities […]

The Best Gold Investing Strategies You Should Consider

It is vital to remember that gold has been the world’s currency from ancient civilization to the modern era.

Nowadays, people choose this investment to hedge against inflation and political unrest.

Apart from that, you can diversify the portfolio by changing the investment types.

Therefore, you should think about commodities such as gold and other precious metals, which will reduce potential risks in economic turmoil.

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It is vital to handle various opportunities such as futures, mutual funds, bullion, jewelry, and mining companies.

You can also choose additional funds that will offer you direct investment. Still, they are volatile as common and regular stocks.

Therefore, if you wish to purchase gold for your portfolio, it is vital to determine the best course of action. The best option is to buy physical options such as bullion coins and bars, but you must store them securely and pay for them as well.

On the other hand, mutual funds and ETFs are also popular, mainly because you will take advantage of derivatives markets that use gold.

Finally, you can make an indirect investment by choosing gold mining stocks. Still, these companies do not depend on overall precious metals value but other factors.


The most direct and prominent physical ownership comes in bullion. Although people think that they come in the form of large bars, instead, they are nearly pure or pure gold with specific certification for both purity and weight.

Therefore, you can get bars, coins, and other options available on the market. Most of them feature specific serial numbers, which is essential for security reasons.

Apart from taking advantage of large bars, they are not as liquid as smaller options you can choose. For instance, if you own a large bar worth a hundred thousand dollars, you cannot see a part of it but sell everything instead.

That is why you should take advantage of smaller-sized coins and bars that are simpler to liquidate and highly common among people with diversified portfolios.


Sovereign governments across the globe issue large quantities of coins for selling and storing purposes. In most cases, investors buy them from private dealers or brokers who charge between one and five percent above the overall gold value. You can read global financial publications to determine coins’ prices, which is better for gold investing than bars.

At the same time, they come in smaller sizes than bars, which makes them an ounce or less, which makes it more convenient to purchase and store.

Another important consideration is that you can find a broker or dealer without too much searching because most have physical locations in large towns or cities across the globe.

When it comes to rare and old coins, they do not feature the same pureness level as bullion. At the same time, they feature collector’s or numismatic values, which can be beyond or above the current gold value.

Therefore, we recommend you invest in circulated coins and avoid numismatics unless you are an expert who can easily find people who collect them.

The main issues with bullion are the insurance and storage expenses you must continually make while owning them. At the same time, you should include the benefit you must pay to a dealer.

Besides, when buying bullion as direct investment by using the market value, in time, changes in dollar currency will affect the value of the investment you hold.

When you choose other options such as mutual funds, you can invest a smaller amount than bullion, which means you can avoid additional expenses.

Mutual and Exchange-Traded Funds

Instead of purchasing everything directly and owning precious metals, you can choose ETFs or exchange-traded funds representing the market and a fixed amount for purchasing.

That way, you can invest small amounts at first and speculate on the value, which will help you get higher returns on investment. At the same time, you can sell them as stocks in an IRA account or brokerage, making them perfect and simple to liquidate.

It is a more convenient and cost-effective option than owning physical coins or bars, especially for a small investor. At the same time, you can find a wide array of mutual funds that own gold companies and bullion.

However, you should know that only a few funds will specifically focus on precious metals. Most of them will offer you other commodities too.

The main benefits of mutual funds include:

  • Convenient diversification
  • Low minimum investment and cost
  • Simple to own in an IRA or brokerage account
  • You do not have to research any specific company

You can choose mining companies or other options directly connected with the market value of precious metals. We recommend you learn everything about each prospect, which will help you determine the best course of action.

It is way better and safer to choose ETFs or mutual funds than other options if you are a first-time investor. It means you can take advantage of the low expense ratio. Traditional options are actively managed, while ETFs come with passive index-tracking.

Options and Futures

You can also buy futures, which are contracts for a particular item. The main idea is to trade the contracts, which are not shares, but still represent the specific number of precious metals.

Futures are perfect for experienced investors because the amount can be large, and commissions are low. Therefore, you can settle everything in dollars, but you can choose other options depending on specifications.

On the other hand, you can choose futures, which is an alternative approach to getting a futures contract. It means you will get an opportunity to purchase an agreement in a specific timeframe by using a predetermined value.

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It comes with specific benefits because you can leverage limited losses. Compared with futures investments that depend on the precious metal value, the downside is that you must pay for premium to underlying value.

Since the options and futures are volatile, you should understand each step along the way before you decide to place money in them.